About Us

Timur P.A. Pipe Industry Sdn. Bhd. specializes in manufacturing and marketing polyethylene aluminium [PE(RT)-AL-PE(RT) / PE(X)-AL-PE(X)] composite pipes, a multi-purpose, durable and cost effective pipe which combines the attributes of metal and plastic to meet with current safety measures and environmental conservation assessments.

Based on German technology, we have further improved the manufacturing process through our R&D.

Timur P.A. Pipes' diverse properties make them the ideal choice in household and industrial distribution pipe systems for cold and hot water, gas, compressed air, solar energy and cooling system, heating, medical, foodstuff and chemicals.


Executive Chairman

Dato’ Loh Keng Chong DSPN, DJN, PJK, JP


We envisage and strive to be the preferred water reticulation system and prepare to work with any strategic partner for synergistic business development.

Managing Director

Mr C.E. Loh


We set our mission to maximize the return by providing our customers with all ranges of our products and value added services under one roof by engaging the latest technology and know-how and in terms of effective logistics and customer’s oriented service